Liquid Unions platform – Legal Frames For Authentic Distribution Of Money!

Welcome to all People Having NeedsHere in short you can learn what liquid union is and how can it help you.  Join us

Could different (and contradicting) groups of people be united in one institute fully controlled and working for them?

  • Yes, but only when the people, creating their mass together with their mutuality, individuality and power of movement, become,  as ungraspable drops, unable to be manipulated by advancing only some people turning against the others.

And hence here, the people’s needs are realized by symbols of their groups which are instantly assigned to one of several operators (channels) financed proportionally to the number of people represented by the symbols.

This platform serves liquid unions by providing the transparency needed for proportional payment by donors or by members tax. We only connect, not taking money nor making other necessary caretaking, which are to be made separately by each of the liquid unions connecting its finance and logistic associations. In this platform we offer:

  • events of groups of peoples being platform’s users optionally registered by iiaom application, where
    • the members of this site are joining or creating their groups of their specific population and the symbols are owned by the groups ( as trademarks or by copyright etc).
  • products of channels (being providers), being caretaken by logistic associations and
  • polls of projects asking the groups about their channels, being caretaken by finance associations, where
    • the money goes to project connecting ideas and financing with the people and their needs and
    • the each of projects includes at least 2 ground elements: the group zero for people having no other group and the channel zero for group having no other channel.
    • liquid unioin

In this platform you can

  • securely (by public key, WEBrtc and iiaom ) create and connect with your networks;
  • publish post, events, poll etc in tags and categories;
  • get organized in groups associated with, while publishing, the category having the path-name identical to the one of the group,
  • while the platform is publicly serving several populations, of which each is
    • a parent of groups having members, where
      • each group publishes its wish list together with its symbol and channel per projects its symbols is assigned to and
    • a publish place for polls made by projects, where the polls are
      • asking the members to select one of the channels which the project proportionally financed for to serve/supply the wishes of the members. and
  • additionally groups of Liquid Unions, of which each is connecting its sub groups
    • group of Logistic association which care take over its channels and hence having
      • groups of Channel, each including its contract with the logistic, its site etc and having
        • the symbols and number of members of the groups it is serving
    • group of Finance association care take over its projects,
      • group of Projects, each is connecting means and resources as tax or donors with people’s need.


To do:

  • to crate mate category such as p_ g_ etc as a prefix to the category per each of the iteam
  • to create categories per each of population, members group, liquid union, finance ,logistic, project, channels
  • to make it on in-berlin ?
  • to invite contributors to Groups Collaborating Comcomized Platform (GCCP)



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